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Please check out this article

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Please check out this article with some important information regarding the lasting affects of bullying from childhood into adulthood. It has some valuable resources for those who are dealing with bullying or have dealt with this in the past.

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I think the most important

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I think the most important thing to note in regards to the overlap of education and technology is transparency. So learning has traditionally been an extremely siloed and private process. It has existed in disjointed clusters of students and teachers learning with the bounded limitations of what only their class can offer. But now, with social media, and a transparent, democratized internet, we have amazing opportunities for collective learning. Kids are sharing their notes online, students are able to message the top student in the class for help. It's helping students also believe that it's not a zero sum game where for there to be a top student, there has to be a bottom student. They're finding more confidence in being able to collectively learn, research and find the information they need to be able to hand in their paper by the end of the week.

That's what we at Annotary ( feel at least. Sorry for the shameful self promotion, but we're pretty excited about the tools we're building to help collective learning through the framework of highlighting. Betty, if you wanna chat further about Annotary, or just the topic in general as I'm deeply passionate about the future of online learning, please do give me a shout at


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