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Middle school teacher, San Francisco in Digital Media. Instructor SFSU ITEC

Fantastic synthesis

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I've been doing a lot of this using books like Perry's Brainstorming Toolbox, and the New Riders books on game design, and my own 40 years experience as a gamer, game master, and game designer. I agree wholeheartedly with Mr. Miller's concepts. My biggest add: IT WILL TAKE TIME TO DEVELOP and WORK in your classroom. On top of that, it is not always an easy thing to support with administration and parents, and, perhaps not surprising, one's colleagues. It takes the kind of experience, facility with language and concept, and solid content knowledge across multiple disciplines (content standards in language arts, visual and performing arts, social studies, science, and math, at the tip of one's tongue) that Mr. Miller obviously has to make it work. I too have had success following these steps, and only recently have begun partnering with a colleague of mine in a core content area developing game as primary learning process.

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