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I use this type of assessment in my classes, students appreciate being asked about their education at all ages. I find that it takes a few times of practice and feedback for students to think critically about the questions posed. Also, I have to ask substantive questions rather than yes/no questions so that I can get useful feedback.

Middle School & High School Language Arts

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I am still a rather new middle school language arts teacher, and haven't had used the exit slip yet. It is, however, something I have heard in seminars and in talking with classmate teachers in grad classes. But I haven't met a teacher at my school that uses this and was hoping to see it in action first. All my students have their own iPads and access to our online learning source Moodle. I plan to use a Moodle quick quiz as an exit slip- students can log on and respond to a question or two quickly. Any one tried this approach? Suggestions of an easy way to start with using the exit slip? I just want to jump in with it after Thanksgiving.

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I love using Socrative, or

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I love using Socrative, or even Gmail as an exit slip in my classroom:

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