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Our students are exposed to

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Our students are exposed to typography all the time. Think advertising, book covers, signs. Integrating arts, including typography, in a class is fun and can take discussions and projects in unexpected directions. (history, economics, color theory, grammar etc) Political posters, campaign literature, music concert posters, etc are rich resource. The information from a typeface can augment the words, colors, images which often lead to theories about history, economics, color theory, fashion, word origins etc.

Teacher, Writer, and Artist

Jason, A bit different

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A bit different subject for Edutopia and for teachers ... but it's worthy. Good pick. No doubt, you can change the whole mood and feel of a document by what font you choose. Professional graphic and book designers know this well.

You and the Edutopians might be interested in a book I recently read ... "Just My Type: A Book About Fonts" ... by Simon Garfield, published by Gotham Books in 2010. It's a fascinating and deeper story about what we look at, and use ourselves, every day of our lives.

In my fine arts class this spring a student chose typography as his project subject ... and he designed a never-before-seen font ... upper and lowercase ... that I've never seen before and, like you, I've been fascinated with the subject for a long time.

Anyhow, he knocked the project out of the park ... and because of all the excitement about the subject he chose and the extremely high quality of his project ... well ... guess what all of his classmates suddenly became interested in?

Right. Typography. They all wanted to name type faces they might design one day ... after themselves. I said, God love you, they might be indecipherable.

They understood.

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