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Not really sure

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Today, we have amazing technologies available to citizens with the resources available to gain access. I-pads, laptops of increasing abilities, mobile devices, you name it. These things all cost money and i see no indication that our schools will have the increased funding necessary to bring the tools to the masses. Quite the opposite for the many schools in low SES communities.

I have the luxury of teaching in a school with a bounty of resources but it's not always been that way for me. As less people are willing to support tax increases for levies and such, less money is available to divert into the grant funds, the have-nots won't be able to bring the technologies above into any classroom. Or, they'll have one for all to share.

I don't see these technologies having any sort of main-stream impact any sooner than the mythical flying car. I try to be very optimistic about things but this type of topic exposes my deep seeded worries: we won't be able to offer public schools as we know them for the long-term. Those with the resources will have the ability to spend on these knowledge-based tools and those who have less resources won't have the tools. We're shifting back to a less organized society with less government and less institutions. There will be some people who really thrive in this environment. But the "weak" are significantly vulnerable and it's scary to see how these tools will be used.

In the mean time it's clear that whatever technological tools are created, most schools won't have the money to spend on them.


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Classroom technology is changing rapidly, and there is a lot of use of technology for technology's sake, but there are solutions that are effective in classroom use. Our WePlaySmart Multi-Touch Tables & Content Packages fit this bill in this category with content that is research based and developed for early learning environments.

Simple technology?

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I think the use of music in the classroom is more effective than all the "geegaws" we envision for our students. They already love it, we just need a way to make it applicable in school. I got the Spanish album from and it engages my kids more than the laptops do. Although there is also an interactive iBook that comes with it for reviews and self-tests, honestly the kids prefer to zone out and listen. Not my favorite approach but certainly the most effective.

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