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K-12 Teacher and College Instructor

Teach students to fish

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It appears to be less important to find media/resources for students than to teach students to find their own media/resources. Students need to learn how to ask questions and employ rigorous processes to find answers and solutions. It is important to quit teaching and start facilitating!

Facilitators design workflow models and teach problem solving strategies for information gathering, organizing, analyzing, synthesizing, and processing, thus enabling learners to create knowledge. Rigorous, pliable learning processes, workflow models, and problem solving strategies must be tied to student interests as well as the content. It is time to quit feeding students and teach them how to fish!

Ph.D. Student in Education (Teaching & Learning)

K-12 Tech Tools Database

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I created this wiki to help connect teachers to tools:
There are over 2,000 free, kid-friendly online learning resources categorized by grade level, subject, and in some cases, standards. Hope this helps :)

CEO of company that teaches students how to use the Web effectively.

Curated collections of resources

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At findingDulcinea, we've been curating the web for educators and students for years. With hundreds of Web Guides (pathfinders) and thousands of articles, we have, in the words of a Knight Commission white paper, "addressed the context deficit in online search."

For example, here's our landing page for social studies resources (; the left bar contains deep links to the best primary and secondary sources for most social studies topics.

Best of all, the search box at the top is SweetSearch, a Google-powered custom search engine that only searches 35,000 vetted resources. Per this post (, many educators tell us this helps them find exactly what they are looking for far faster than Google.

It seems that you are leaving

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It seems that you are leaving out your most valuable resource - collaborating with your school librarian. They know the entire curriculum and have developed a collection of online resources to support it.

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