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Senior Manager of Video Programming, Production, & Curation at Edutopia

I'm so glad you found this

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I'm so glad you found this useful, Becky! Amidst all the debate, it seems the one thing everyone can agree on is that teachers need more resources and more guidance if we hope to have successful implementation.

I pulled together some good resources for lesson planning in today's new Five-Minute Film Fest, and some of the links I've pointed to have materials you can search and sort by Common Core alignment. Check it out!

Education Consultant

Thank you for this update,

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Thank you for this update, Amy, and for putting together this great list of resources. It's so important to fully understand the what and why of the Common Core in order to successfully implement it in the classroom. There are certainly debates about the benefits of the Common Core, but ultimately we, as educators, must do our research to create our curricula. This extensive list is a great place to start. I've also been using the Edutopia Common Core Resource Page - all teachers/admin/parents....everybody should check it out!

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