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I am very interested in this

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I am very interested in this topic. I have been a Department Head for years and recently started to take principal courses. Prior to these courses, I had one method of facilitating teams in my department. We simply have our goals and away we go, each department member taking on a part of the work load.

Your blog is an eye opener for me.
Domain One - Planning - "The facilitator intentionally plans structures that will best navigate the group's dynamics." This is an excellent point. I will implement this idea immediately.

Domain Two - The Technical Skills of Facilitation - You have listed great procedures for before and during a meeting. I wonder if you could "hook" or "excite" the team you plan to facilitate prior to meeting through perhaps emailing them a short video, podcast, etc. This may have your team attend the meeting with some knowledge of what you will meet about as well as excitement.

Domain Three - Managing Group Dynamics. Again, great points in this section.

Domain Four - Somehow acknowledge the work of your team.

High school teacher finishing up my diploma in educational leadership

Thank you for sharing your

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Thank you for sharing your insights and experience in how to develop effective teams. I particularly found interesting how you separated the facilitating process of team-building into the three domains of planning, technical skills, and managing group dynamics. I imagine that your team’s reflection and self-evaluative approach really helped identify weaknesses and iron out the wrinkles in order to create a highly effective environment for team-building. It seems as though the facilitator is the hub of the whole process and must especially be skillful in understanding group dynamics, communicate well with others, and be assertive in order to ensure that the process is meaningful, executed in a timely manner, and members are held accountable for their actions. I was wondering if you have found the cross-site teams to be very effective in transforming student learning throughout the district and how often does this team usually meet throughout the school year? Lastly, do various members of the grade level, department or cross-site teams have an opportunity to assume the role of facilitator? Since in the near future I’ll find myself in some sort of educational leadership position, I would really appreciate any feedback that you can provide me with respect to effective team-building. Thanks again.

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