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I am an author, professional development provider and retired ESL teacher

I enjoyed your article! Just

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I enjoyed your article! Just the change from writing with pen and pencil to keyboarding brings a miraculous increase and interest in writing. When you add blogging to the mix, you have a winning combination.

Elementary school teacher from CA

Blogging at 3rd grade

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In March of this last school year, I introduced my class to a blog site called, as a way of developing improved skills in writing, grammar, conventions, and technology. As an added benefit, it also helps develop a sense of community within our class.

This blog is a wonderful resource! There are no costs and no ads, it is created by and for teachers, is closed to the limited community I delineate, and all entries are automatically routed through my teacher account for moderation and approval. I also invited my principal to join us. She too has full access, and has submitted blog entries that my students have commented on. There is a provision to include parents in this blog, but so far I am limiting it to my students, the principal, and me.

While this is still relatively new to me, I am very pleased with the results, including having seen progress made by my EL students, who too are motivated to participate. And, as with Jon Schwartz's class, several of my students continue to blog this summer!

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