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Tutor in CT elementary school

I really want to try this

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I really want to try this lesson with my students. I have many different reading groups which i will have to adjust but I have one particular student I teach social skills and I think this will be great! On another note, the first staff meeting we had our principal had us watch Shawn Achor's youtube piece on Happiness and it was amazing! Thanks for the lesson!

Heather, what an inspiring

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Heather, what an inspiring example of using appreciation to bring out the best in your students. By recognizing the students who are helpful to others, and clarifying why you are appreciative of their help, you are modeling gratitude, positivity and respect. Your students are picking up on it, no doubt. Love the "panda tickets" too :) Thanks for your comment.

Elementary Art Teacher from East Hartford, Connecticut

Appreciation in the Art Room

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Walking around my school I hear students make comments like “I hate my life” or “today is the worst day ever.” I personally try to teach students to change their mindset.
In my school we teach to the three P’s, which are being positive, polite, and productive. I find that students seem to have the most difficulty with the positivity piece. They become so fixated on the negatives in their lives. I work to develop relationships with my students in which I can talk to them freely about the positives in their lives that they should be appreciative and grateful for.
Beyond simply talking about appreciation I demonstrate it by pointing out my “special helpers” of the day and rewarding them with “panda tickets.” I rotate through the class, searching for new helpers each day, students whom may have demonstrated leadership or assisted another classmate with their work. I make sure to recognize these students and clarify why I am appreciative of their help.
By teaching students appreciation and gratitude I have developed stronger classroom bonds. Students recognize the variety of gifts and talents that their classmates hold. Students value and appreciate one and other. By maintaining a positive attitude and a high level of appreciation for each other, students seem less likely to put each other down in my room. Inside my walls they work as a family, helping each other reach their goals. Prior to taking the time to teach appreciation and gratitude, I noticed a lot more disrespect and devaluing of their fellow students.

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