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Humanities Department Chair, Proviso Mathematics and Science Academy

I had a similar experience

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I had a similar experience with my son's freshman social studies teacher who claimed "that in the real world, kids have to take notes." Since this teacher had no professional experience outside of the classroom, had been doing the same lesson plan for 20 years and most of all, wasn't sticking to my son's IEP which specifically states that notes be provided. When asked about this he said that he didn't really believe in IEP's. My son's test grade average was a 97%, but he was failing the class because he wouldn't take notes. I had a similar discussion about differentiation, student-centered learning, bloom's taxonomy, etc. I got my son out of that class - and quick.
I think one of the issues is that many teachers have been able to do what they want for many years and unfortunately have not been provided with much opportunity for training, or, in the case of this year, there's no need, since he earns well into the six figures and believes he's brilliant (maybe, but not a good teacher).
I'm happy that my son has me to advocate for him, but am sorry that many do not.

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