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Writer and advocate for innovative instruction in New Orleans, Louisiana.

A funny aside.

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Thanks, Bob and Mario. One of my most treasured memories of the activity was introducing a group of girls to moss, which they truly believed would kill me if I touched it. After finally convincing them that it was safe and persuading one girl to touch it so that she could get a sense of the texture, the brave soul said, "Oh, Miss Crisp, I can't wait to go home and tell my mom that I learned something today." It just got away with me that after a whole semester of teaching, apparently, my one memorable success was moss.

Consultant for the Pennsylvania Training and Technical Assistance Network

Thank you, Autumn, for

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Thank you, Autumn, for bringing attention to the little things--and how important they are to understanding and experiencing the big picture.

Fresh Breath of Air

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Thank you for your blog and interesting take on technology, nature and poetry. I'm constantly looking for ideas to make my teaching better to keep students interested and recently my work ethic, passion and creative thinking have flat lined and coincidentally so too have my student's interest in my class and school. This blog is a wake up call to enjoy the weather our great city has to offer and the ability technology has to open students' minds and wonder. While we prepare for the dreaded state assessment through a constant barrage of benchmarks, your voice brought back the passion that has escaped for about the past month or so. I hope to adopt a few of the practices mentioned in the blog and incorporate a few on my own ideas. Thank you once again and continue the great job you are doing.

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