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In today’s world children are

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In today’s world children are different than they used to be, this is not because they are dressing differently or maturing faster. Technology has evolved and children are developing new skills at younger ages. For many students they have grown up in the world of technology and are different neurologically. As a result many of them communicate differently. Most students have grown up using a computer and manipulating programs. As a result many of their brains are wired differently than ours were. As teachers we have to do our best to meet the needs of our students, yet address the issues for standards, high stakes testing, and accountability. We will have to use strategies that appeal to learners and adapt to styles students are used to. These strategies will include feedback and reinforcement, previous knowledge and experience, differentiated learning experiences, and quality reinforcement.

Although, my school doesn’t have any ipads or any plans to get any I try my best to stay current with current technology and the benefits it has on student learning. It has been interesting to see how well young children adapt to new technology versus older generations.

Levinson made a wonderful

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Levinson made a wonderful statement, “It does not have to be all or nothing, but the conversation needs to happen so that teens can make room for unplugging from the virtual "now" in order to find peace in the physical "now.”
If we don’t start unplugging now, we never will. Our children will grow up and think that it is normal. Children will be born into homes that never unplug and be raised in a unplugged environment. Our future generation is going to be a generation of narcissistic individuals, if they do not realize they need to unplug from the virtual “now” and become present in the physical “now”. They need to take a “time out” and find a balance. I feel some of the negative effects of this new digital age are teens missing out on the simple pleasures of life. Teens are missing out on the human interaction as well. Teens ‘social skills are not being fully developed. It used to be when growing up kids would play outside with their neighbors. These days’ kids are indoors sitting in front of a digital device. This could be a reason why teen obesity is on the increase.
How did it get to this point so quickly? Is it because technology is evolving so quickly? Or is it because the teens are really the first generation to be born in the digital age?

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