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"SmartPhone - Dumb School" Schools in the mobile context

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From my post "SmartPhone - Dumb School" Schools in the mobile context

While I’ve seen some cutting edge schools / teachers that have effectively embraced mobile technology and social networking, too many educators see smartphones as a distraction from learning. Many schools block Facebook, Twitter and the rest of social web as if it was pornography. ...

When students do get on a school workstation (laptop or desktop) they quickly realize that it doesn’t “know” them as well as their phone does. Their personal device carries a wealth of information that’s important to them – contacts, photos, data, memories. To the school desktop, students are just a user on the network with a limited range of permissions. The biggest problem with the school computer is that it doesn’t do “place” at all. That’s a stark contrast to students’ mobiles, which geo-browse via the growing number of locational apps and geo-tagged information stream.

Social media for e-learning & technology

App designs by kids, for kids

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Very interesting thoughts, thanks for that Matt.

There is a competition between kids, parents and educators. Inevitably, our young digital generation is going to outperform its 'teachers'. As parents and educators shouldn't we embrace the situation and start to collaborate with our kids?

The great example of such collaboration will be an app WishToList - available at the iTunes App Store which designs by kids and used by kids.

This app allows kids to create their own birth wish list. Initially, a wish list went on&on. Working together with engineering team children learned how to prioritize features, understand unintended consequences of their decisions, and how the product design process works.

Also there are some more pretty useful information around this topic on

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