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Parents should have Digital and Info Literacy Skills Too!

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These skills are so important! At the school where I teach "cyber civics" we spend 6th grade working on "digital citizenship" and 7th grade on "information literacy". I believe both of these bedrocks of digital literacy need a whole year in order to be taught properly.

However, the best teacher is good role modeling at home. It really helps when parents are media literate too. This is part of the reason we started a resource site called No grownup should be left behind either!

Media Specialist for a small private school

Digital Literacy v. Information Literacy

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Digital literacy actually supports information literacy. To be information literate, a person must be able to find, organize and use information. Those skills are independent of digital literacy, which is the ability to use electronic tools to carry out the information task. Much of what was in this article should really have referred to information literacy skills, not just digital literacy. Having knowledge of how to use a computer and bounce around the web is not adequate for mastering information literacy.

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Yout post is excellent here is how to measure Broadband Speed

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There is a site that people can use to demonstrate the broadband capacity in their community which is It looks a little bit complicated, but you just look down the side of the left and find your broadband speed.

The national technology map is a self reporting map but you can also use that to see what has been reported by people in your area who have put data in . M- Lab automatically puts the data in and you can compare locational resources with that project.

Teacher Agent of Change, Power of US Foundation Digital Citizenship

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The nature of evolving technology sees the emergence of new trends and behavior among young people and new efforts by government and industry to combat harmful behaviors. FOSI provides periodic information to keep you informed about these issues.

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Self harm in the digital age

Broadband Responsibility
A Blueprint for Safe and Responsible Online Use

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