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K-5 Instructional Technology Specialist, Edcamper, Graduate Professor

I've also been saying for

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I've also been saying for some time that we need to move away from the concept of thinking of the digital space as somehow separate from physical space for purposes of citizenship. Being truthful, empathetic, and kind are universally important ways of interacting with others, regardless of space.

Also, thanks for using my picture (and giving me credit)! That's still one of my favorite pictures I've ever taken at school.

High School Teacher from Virginia


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Exhibit a positive attitude toward using technology that supports collaboration, learning and productivity.
This quality indicator should be the focus for most PBL in all disciplines. Technology is everywhere and we have become totally committed to the growth and advancement of technology. Without integrating technology in our classrooms, we are doing our students a grave injustice.

You hit the point early - we

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You hit the point early - we are at a stage in society where we need to just call it being a good citizen. And, so many people don't know, or forget, that the ISTE NETS are a great place to reference technology use and understanding. This was the perfect post to bring that in.

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