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1st Grade Teacher

Prior to reading this post, I

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Prior to reading this post, I was unaware that dictation technologies are becoming more prevalent. I have never used it with students. However, I can see some benefits, particularly for students with exceptionalities.
. As you stated, those with visual impairments would be able to dictate their stories easily. Students with difficulty planning out their writing would be forced to organize their thoughts well in their head before dictating their stories or papers. Even those with learning disabilities could get their thoughts onto "paper" without the step of writing or typing.
With that said, I think there still needs to be a place for typing. Editing, publishing, etc should all include an element of typing. Students must be able to spell words, use punctuation, and format writings. Without handwriting or typing, these abilities could be lost. We cannot afford to lose the element of typing. It is used in many job applications, careers, and in personal lives. If dictation technologies can be integrated with other modes of writing, instruction will benefit in many ways.

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