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Community Manager at Edutopia

Rose Ann, what an awesome

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Rose Ann, what an awesome project, and it's great that you're sharing the results with the community. That's a win-win. The community benefits from the research, and the students benefit from having an outside audience (one that cares about the work they're doing). Love it!

Middle School Science Teacher

My students are working with

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My students are working with the neighborhood lake, across from our school. We are documenting the scientific evidence of abiotic and biotic factors so we can publish a book. We are cleaning up, engineering new points of interest events and labeling native plants for the community. We are hosting Saturday Science events each month, such as a bioblitz, an archeological dig, plant drying and preserving of specimens, creating a display at the local library, and much more for our community members! We are having a lot of fun learning to measure and document, make claims, gather evidence, and provide reasoning. We are using technology to share our work with others, including videos for our website.

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