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IT teacher , grade 6 ,7,8,and 9 from UAE

Dear Chris You are great

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Dear Chris
You are great , what ur doing with ur students , but its not easy in mys school to do it ,its be new way for little of my students to did it and they learn and have fun

Chief Development Officer

The Power of Global Peers

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Hi Chris,

I liked this: "What might seem boring to my students might be of real interest to a student in another part of the planet, and vice versa. I figured by finding an audience that was genuinely interested, maybe my students' work would improve."

I would add that projects like One Day in the Life can seem low-tech, unsexy and downright mundane when viewed from an adult perspective. But global classroom collaboration that is easy to describe and implement, and provides an engaged peer audience from overseas is powerful.

Thanks for your efforts!

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