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Elementary Science Teacher from Orange County California

I love this too, I am lucky

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I love this too, I am lucky enough to have a set of iPads in my classroom and I have often thought after an activity with them "was that a completely meaningful way to use the iPad?" Reading this article has inspired me to outside more. Science is all around them and I should have them outside recording it as they see it. Next step is to create a place where they can upload and share. Feeling very inspired, thank you!

Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

I love this- i think it

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I love this- i think it breaks down the walls people put up when they think things like iPads are all about consuming versus creating, and they forget the fundamental power of the mobility of the tech versus being relegated to a desk.
I hope in the near future we see kids composing art on their ipads and sharing it online seamlessly, from the park, from their classrooms, from the bus- anywhere they are.

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