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I teach at the junior level in a grade five classroom

I really enjoyed reading your

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I really enjoyed reading your article! The concept of having a family media agreement gives children the opportunity to communicate with their parents and allows the family to develop healthy boundaries concerning media involvement.
One tip I would offer would be to extend that agreement to the teachers of children that have family agreements. I realize that some parents may not be comfortable with this arrangement; nonetheless, it would help teachers have a greater understanding of what some of their students are learning at home. It may also help teachers extend their student’s learning by providing a forum of activities at school that could be used as an extension of what these children are being taught by their parents.
Giving children a voice concerning using positive messages when discussing the concept of media can motivate children to see media as a learning initiative. Texting, emailing and playing a game on an IPAD can be viewed as educational tools if parents take the time to talk about ways in which these devices can be integrated in their children’s day to day learning opportunities. It also gives the children the ability to have a voice and share their interests and or concerns about the media device they are using and what they like or dislike about it. Children spend too much time learning how to navigate through the media on their own which is not always to their advantage. Being able to discuss media in a familial setting gives children the courage to ask questions to their parents and be more involved with the outcomes associated in this learning process.

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We were just considering this

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We were just considering this in our house this weekend. My sister, who is not very media or computer savvy, has decided to turn off the television during the week for her son. She's seeing remarkable results in their home.

My daughter is only three years old, but she's quite proficient on the iPhone. And she uses her monkey-like climbing skills to get to the DVDs and knows how to work the DVD player.

But the more screen time she has, or we have, the less time we have together.

Thank you for the questions to consider. Will be integrating them into our conversation on our family's media agreement!

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