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Middle School Math Teacher from NJ

I think that the Common Core

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I think that the Common Core has plenty of positives to offer, but I think it is extremely daunting as a teacher to think about changing what and how you have been teaching for your career. I'm a new enough teacher where I don't have my old bag of tricks ready to pull out and re-use year after year, and I am refreshed to have new standards that require more depth for my students, but far shorter list of concepts.
New Jersey is just implementing the Common Core starting Sept 2013, so I have not been required to make the complete shift yet, but my biggest fear is not having the appropriate, or enough materials to help my students find the success that I would like. I'm sure, however, that as time goes by, more will be available, and hopefully, that will help to convince teachers we are doing the best thing possible for our students--preparing them for college and their careers!

Are Teachers Ready

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Great Read. Teachers will directly impact the success level of CCSS. We offer teachers a Certificate in Implementing Common Core and State Standards to help them understand and meet the CCSS.

This research-based certificate provides educators with the knowledge and skills to adapt teaching and curriculum to the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts for grades K-5. Educators are prepared to integrate English and language arts applications to develop communication skills across disciplines and in specific areas of emphasis. To read more about this program, click here:

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Great article! The perception

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Great article! The perception of CCSS will be very important in its success level. Obviously, the standards are a contentious topic with educators, but it is at least refreshing to see the focus on fostering 'college and career preparedness'.

To learn more about utilizing digital edtech resources and the above mentioned 21st Century learning environments to foster college career preparedness, check out this blog post -

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