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Common Core Practice Assessments (ACCESS)

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Common Core practice assessments are now available on our website

Each student booklet contains a pre-test to help teachers gauge current skill levels of their students and a post-test to provide more advanced practice for the national assessment. Each practice test includes eight excerpts from various genres—fiction, drama, non-fiction, and poetry— with accompanying multiple choice questions and short answer questions. Each question targets one or more of the ten reading standards established by the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts. Whenever appropriate, questions ask students to provide specific evidence from the text to support their answers.

The excerpts we have chosen are either directly listed as text exemplars in Appendix B of the Common Core State Standards, or they have been chosen because their Lexile© measure designates them as being in the appropriate text complexity band for that particular age group. Each practice test also comes with an answer key that breaks down the questions by standard so that it is easy for teachers to know exactly which standards need to be emphasized. This will enable teachers to spend more time on teaching standards that the majority of their students are struggling with and also target specific students for small group or one-on-one remediation when necessary to address learning gaps.

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