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Common Core in Action Series

Grade-level and subject-specific resources for Common Core-aligned lessons.
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This collection of blog posts highlights lesson plans, ideas, and other useful resources to help you bring Common Core-aligned lessons into your classroom. We're actively building this repository of ideas every week, so make sure to bookmark this page. You can also follow #CCSS or #CCSSChat on Twitter for the latest updates.


All Grades/Anchor Standards

English Language Arts

Grades K-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12


Grades K-5

Grades 6-8

Grades 9-12

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Gene Tognetti's picture
Gene Tognetti
Ed Tech Coach, Presentation High School

You may also want to look at the Common Core and Ed Tech blog at , which I co-author. We focus on practical, classroom-tested edtech resources to support Common Core implementation. So far, we've been very pleased with the response from the education community. Please take a look! Thanks.

Joe's picture

This is a good starting point but I am sure there are other Common Core blogs other there. For example, Closer Readings written by the EDSITEment staff from the National Endowment for the Humanities. We post once a week and cover the intersection of humanities and common core.

Shelly Leduke's picture
Shelly Leduke
Adult Education teacher in Connecticut

In Connecticut, the adult education system is using Common Core, also. Are there any blogs from our level?

Samer Rabadi's picture
Samer Rabadi
Online Community Manager

Hi Shelly. Edutopia's mission is K-12 focused, but I was able to find an offsite resource for you.

From their website: "This collection includes video of adult education instructors exploring the Common Core. Printable charts and guidelines allow you to follow along and begin working with the standards yourself.

The collection was produced by Kentucky Adult Education (KYAE) and KET as part of KYAE's efforts to introduce adult literacy, basic education, and GED(r) instructors to the Common Core."

Hope this helps!

Jeanette Stickel's picture
Jeanette Stickel
I'm a speech therapist in public schools

Thank you for compiling this list! I'll check out a few of the blogs and pass the information on to my coworkers.

If you are interested, I often post about the CCS on my blog as I try to make speech services relevant to student needs in their general education classrooms.

AIMS's picture

Imagine being able to teach students Common Core Math concepts using a hands-on approach. Don't make students memorize a concept, help them understand the concepts. The AIMS Education Foundation has produced 9 grade level specific activities bundles each aligned to the CCSS for math. You can get free samples here.

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