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Founder, Upside Down Academy -

Trying to help teachers create SAGE lessons/projects

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If anyone is interested, I'm creating Upside Down Academy so that it is much easier to have the students engage in lessons that leverage the SAGE elements.

Students take what ever they are learning and try to create a lesson that will make it easier or more fun for the next student to learn the same thing.

By creating lessons students have "Student Choice" in that they can be creative about how they approach the lesson. Is it a video, a song, a diagram, a tip, etc.

By creating lessons students are provided with "Authentic Context" in that they get to play the role of the teacher and do their best to come up with a way to help teach the next person.

Teachers can let the students know that the lessons they are creating will be available for students all over the world to learn from, providing some degree of "Global Significance".

Each lesson has a comments sections that allows the students to get feedback from each other and from other people in the Upside Down Academy community. This provides the students a sense of giving an "Exhibition to an Audience".

We're just getting started with the project, but would love to talk to any educators that would be willing to have their students create lessons to post on the site to see how effective these theories are in practice.

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