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Substitute teacher for grades k-5

Classroom management!

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This is so neat! I never knew there was an app for classroom management. Throughout subbing, I always found it hard to come up with ideas to keep the class in control. I would use behavior charts, tootsie tickets, marbles, fuzzy balls, write on the board, or tally marks. These worked great...for awhile...then it wore off. This app would definitely be an asset in the classroom! I think students would really enjoy it because it has to deal with technology, and they are big on that now :) I think it is neat that you could be outside of the classroom, and if you peek in and somone is doing something positive, they hear the sound that they just got a "dojo" point, and it would really help build a student up with confidence and the fact that they are being a role model. I will definitly be downloading this app!! Thanks for the information on this!!

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