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Teaching Artist currently based in AZ.

Interesting article. I agree

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Interesting article. I agree that the landscape feels very like the Tower of Babel," but I think this misses a critical point of the discussion, focusing not on what it is, but rather how to most effectively do it (speaking from my bias as a teaching artist).

I've linked this article and another that may interest people in my post for November 12, here:

Teacher, Writer, and Artist

When it all comes down to it,

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When it all comes down to it, if kids and teenagers easily and naturally say "thank you" and "yes, sir" and "yes, ma'am" and "you're welcome," and then if they're generally kind to one another, then somebody's done a great job ... parents or teachers or both.

Saying "please" is pretty darn powerful, too.

This sounds helpful. As an

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This sounds helpful. As an educator of young children, I can see that others on my team have the same goal but the language is always moving and once the kids leave our classrooms, they have different language going out the door with them to their next classroom where they regroup for even more new language.

There are so many "buzz"

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There are so many "buzz" words in our field, I appreciate the effort that will go into integrating ideas and creating common language. Thank you

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