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very inspirational

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The story of Caine's arcade is really inspiring for a new teacher on many levels. First, it shows that summer vacation isn't just a time where students forget everything they have learned- rather in Caine's case it provided a time for him to work on something meaningful to him, thus learning a lot in return- such as how to build a claw machine. Additionally, in the classroom it shows that we can do a lot even if we don't have the funds. You can teach students about mechanics by building these types of games with cardboard boxes as well as logical thinking as far as how to actually structure the game. Games can teach children so much- but rather than simply having our children play games in the classroom, Caine inspires me to have students make their own games to, thus furthering their learning.

Mexican school inspired by Caine's Arcade

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Certainly inspired kids at CIM-ORT, World ORT's school in Mexico City (you can see them in this NBC report:!/on-air/as-seen-on/Caines-Arcade-Continues-to-Inspire/160489065)!

CIM-ORT teacher Aviva Landie had posted the photos of her 2nd and 3rd grade technology students building their own version of the arcade for an end-of-year project on the Caine's Arcade Facebook page.

"One day after posting the pictures, one of the pictures I had posted had 260 likes. A few days later, a news reporter from NBC Los Angeles contacted me and asked for permission to use the pictures I had posted in her news report," Aviva said.

She was delighted by the way her students had enthusiastically embraced her idea for the project, which was not only fun but had many pedagogical benefits.

"They used critical thinking in determining how they were going to take what they had sketched out in their designs and apply it to the building process of their arcade. Lots of critical thinking and problem solving skills were used in determining how they could make their arcade less challenging or in some cases more challenging in order to attract more people to play. There was a lot of collaboration throughout the entire process... Caine’s Arcade provided my students the opportunity to create, collaborate, think critically, use technology, and with the opportunity to learn a few things about entrepreneurship."

Mi thoughts

Nice vision about Caine

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Nice vision about Caine Monroy, I think we need more kids as him. I would like to introduce in my class. My kids will love this.

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