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Elementary Education Degree from Decatur, AL

Hi Beth! I am reading

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Hi Beth! I am reading Flattening Classrooms, Engaging Minds by Julie Lindsay and Vicki A. David. Thomas Friedman's perspective that you mentioned, on the topic of preparing students for jobs that do not yet exist, really jumped off of the page and slapped me across the face. As a parent, I find myself turning my nose up at technology and the evolution of it all. This book, along with your blog has made me realize what an amazing thing technology is and how awesome it can be for our children/students when used appropriately. I feel that it now is critical and agree with you that our children need to be technologically fluent and that kids who are deprived of that, will be at a disadvantage in the future. Thank you for your writings and view points! My eyes are opened.

Elementary Communications Teacher

Beth, I share your philosophy

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I share your philosophy on fluency in technology. It was wonderful to read someone else's thoughts that mirror my own. I start with 1st graders in the Office Suite, 2nd grade is Power Point, 3rd grade is Excel (and Prezi) and by 4th grade they are well versed in Publisher. 5th grade is working with video editing and podcasting. The one comment that I hear over and over is "You do it the same way in ....." That fluency for the students bleeds over into other concepts and you witness the students not being afraid to explore and imagine and create. As educators, can we ask for anything more?

Producer LD Podcast, Digital Media Consultant, Author

Hi Beth! We're hoping to

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Hi Beth!

We're hoping to start having some sessions in our district to hep our parents as well as our students become more fluent with the use of technology. Just like a pencil, you can use it to write a masterpiece or a threat, poke your neighbor, clean your ear, etc. Not all of these uses are the "best and highest use" and I think the trick is to make sure people learn the "hidden power" in the tools available to have authors visit the classroom virtually, or go on fieldtrips online, or connect with people around the world- much beyond just using a smartboard as a simple projector.

Part of it is making sure there are folks around who are fluent who can guide and help the less comfortable through these waters- and the trick, like with language fluency, is to make sure it is consistent and there's opportunity to practice. That's part of the reason building in parental knowledge and support is important as well. What do you think? Have you heard of any way to successfully build these bridges?

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