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teacher of english as a second language for adults and children

This Is a questions my adult

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This Is a questions my adult students ask me regularly. How can I remember all this! We often focus on one part of the language at a time. I applaud their efforts not the outcome. That often keeps the students motivated to keep trying and not give up on this crazy language of us.

Becoming aware of these

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Becoming aware of these executive function skills is the first step to establishing tools for life-long learning. I love the idea of picking a skill to focus on every week! So often, we take for granted that everyone's brain works the same way, but that is definitely not true. Teachers who understand executive function theory are better able to pinpoint what might be holding up a student's progress--and oftentimes, it's not the academic learning, it's the executive skill processing.

Neurologist/Teacher/Grad School Ed faculty/Author

For an expert on your

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For an expert on your curriculum questions check out Heidi Hayes Jacobs
and keep igniting,
Judy Willis

Educational Consultant/Author, Southern California

This is a very exciting area

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This is a very exciting area of research to share with students, full of optimism and hope for their futures and dreams. We get smarter!

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