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Host and Co-Creator of Virtual Science University

I'M Trying To Help With That Partnership

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I am trying to help the partnership of bridging a relationship between the virtual world and the brick and mortar world of public education. I took my virtual biology on line course to the brick and mortar world of my high school alma mater. The results were incredible. Below is the full story at the following link:

Keep up your positive energy and good work!
All the Best,
Paul O. Briones
Host/Co-Creator of Virtual Science University

Chief Human Resource Officer/Virtual Learning Academy Charter School


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Mike, let's hope that elearning is not used to further standardization.

My whole point here is that we have options now and we need to be working creatively to empower students to seek out and take advantage of those options.

Teacher, Portland, OR

Mass Customization

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Excellent post! This is exactly what I've been thinking about lately, and a similar post will go LIVE on my blog soon. We're now seeing the promise of technology shake up the industrial age's focus on standardization. Doing everything the same way for everyone was never thought to be the best way to do things, but the seductive efficiency of standardization solved loads of problems and we stuck with it. Now, however, we have the capability to do mass customization, which is changing everything. Let's hope we educators can all come to see that eLearning can help solve the standardization problem.

Keep up the good work. Cheers.

Mike Gwaltney

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