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I am so excited that you are

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I am so excited that you are getting your students and parents involved online. Parents want to be involved in their child's education and want to be informed. We use My Big Campus to do all of the things that were mentioned above. The students love the site because they can follow their friends and get notifications if any thing is posted and do their assignments on any device. They love accessing My Big Campus from their smart phones and uploading assignments through apps into My Big Campus. Many of our students use their gaming systems to do their assignments. We use it for online learning in our virtual school. The teachers love it because of the easy of use, standards based reports, notifications, safety and more. I teach online and I can be any place and get a text if my students have a question. I can answer them right away. Thank you for sharing! :-)

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Knapp Edmodo sounds like a

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Knapp Edmodo sounds like a wonderful site. I'll have to check it out. What a great idea to have a social site that is safe and kid friendly. This summer I tried a new site that was also kid friendly which promotes creative writing called Cubert's Cube. Like Edmodo, it is secure and kids' can message each other. It is Wiki based so it lends itself well for collaborative writing projects. A team of students can work on a story, play, poem, or essay together. Writer's block? You need not fear. There are interactive story starters, which are fun and inspirational, and there is a gallery for students to draw or upload illustrations.
They can also pick out fun avatars and publish their work when finished. I thought I'd share since it also seemed like a great way for students to interact with writing not only in the classroom, but also outside of the classroom and over the summer months.

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