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My son's 3rd grade teacher

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My son's 3rd grade teacher always said "mistakes are an opportunity for learning" I share this whenever possible with my students.

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Cliched but true! We learn from our mistakes

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"Mistakes are portals to discovery" James Joyce 1882-1941

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Awesome! Thanks for Sharing!

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This is important! As a teacher I must allow students to make mistakes, otherwise there is no growth. A classroom, especially a Science Classroom should always be a safe place for mistakes especially during research. Lab Safety thou should always be priority number one and should encourage students to be attentive at all times during an experiment. The teacher should be ready to help out anytime a mistake is made and not make a big deal out of it. Students should always feel comfortable in your classroom if you are going to empower them!

I love this. I always

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I love this. I always treated my classroom as a safe place for mistakes. You cannot learn unless you make mistakes. End of story. Thank you for writing this!!!

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