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Ninth grade Earth Science/Anatomy&Physiology teacher from Windsor, VA


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Wow! Testing takes a big chunk of time! While many teachers hate standardized testing, I do not see them going away anytime soon.
I am a busy teacher, coach, mother, and grad student so any time-saving tips are aways welcomed.
When my students come into my classroom there is a set procedure that is followed for everything. The students know when they walk into my classroom they are suppose to check their folder for graded work, get the warm-up assignment, and get to work. While the students are doing this I take roll and conference with students that were absent. Procedure takes care of classroom management issues because the students know without a doubt what they are suppose to do every day.
In my classroom I have a crate file with a folder for every student. Once I have graded their work I return it to them in their file. This procedure gives the student grade privacy and saves time passing out work. The folders also serve as a way to make sure absent students get all of their make-up work.
When student have a mission as soon as they walk in my classroom it is easy to keep the momentum all the way to the last minute.

middleschool math teacher

I like your ideas. I already

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I like your ideas. I already use Venn diagrams to introduce and assess word knowledge, prior to teaching a lesson. I underestimated the value of this when I omitted this activity "for the sake of time." I'd like more time saving tips. How do you handle student work? Grading, returning, collecting, etc.

8th grade math and Algebra 1 teacher

I agree, we need to do away

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I agree, we need to do away with all this testing.


I whole-heartedly support

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I whole-heartedly support your endeavor to maximize time in the classroom, but I think a more effective way to accomplish this would be to whittle down the barrage of testing we force upon our students. If anyone else spent nearly 30% of their time in the workplace evaluating whether or not they were doing things right, their boss would seriously question their effectiveness (and work ethic).

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