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A badge system that

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A badge system that acknowledges CCSS skills is always going to be as effective as the teacher who is planning the activities and issuing the badges. Incorporating peer badges can certainly fit the model.

I question how a CCSS badge

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I question how a CCSS badge system "can bring fun to the process of learning." Game-based learning might change the dynamics of the classroom, but badging systems where a teacher issues badges based on embedded assessments only reinforce the teacher as the authority and issuer. What's fun, new or interesting about that?

The Davidson article you cite expresses optimism about peer-driven badging systems. This teacher-centered system promises change while reinforcing traditional roles in the classroom.

Some of the most intriguing ideas about badges and assessment incorporate student self-assessment or badging opportunities that provide students access to experts outside the classroom. Systems that reinforce the authoritative role of a teacher in the classroom stand in the way of more authentic forms of assessment.

Great article because it

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Great article because it throws light on something that no one really wants to talk about.

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