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Seventh Grade Science Teacher from Kosciusko, MS

I agree with everything you

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I agree with everything you said. The interesting thing is that, when it comes to projects, students (at least mine anyway) would much rather do something that's really authentic. While just writing a report or creating a poster is far easier and requires less work, my students are constantly asking to do projects that are "real." They want something that's not just school work, and I couldn't be happier about it! This way, they're happy because the project is what they asked for, and I'm happy because they're learning on a much deeper level.

Sixth grade elementary school teacher from Boise, Idaho

Very Helpful Post for Novice PBL Teacher

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I plan to buck the system (pun shamelessly intended) next year by introducing at least one PBL project per quarter. My search for help getting started lead me to your blog. I found the guidelines and examples you wrote to be helpful and encouraging.

A Perfect Explanation.

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I often get asked questions about authenticity. This is the hardest part of really doing a great PBL unit. Your post here really nails it. There are varying levels of authenticity and we should be striving for the highest level whenever possible. Now I have somewhere to point to when I get asked about this in the future.

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