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6TH grade science and social studies


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I am always interested in learning new ways to ensure an equitable classroom. It seems that the focus has shifted from "all" to one group of students. I live and teach in NC where the rights of a few dictate the rights of all students.I appreciate the tips in the article and would love to hear from others on this subject.

Marketing & Client Services Manager at the National Equity Project

Teaching With A Cultural Eye

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The National Equity Project will offer our Teaching With A Cultural Eye Institute twice more in 2012 - March 15-16 and June 21-22 in Oakland, CA.

The Institute addresses the increasing need for educators to develop the skills and awareness necessary to successfully interact with students and families from diverse backgrounds, and to integrate that awareness into their teaching and leadership practice.

Participants examine the ways that their own cultural identities influence their interactions with students, parents, and colleagues.

Topics include:

Cultural Competence Begins With Self-Reflection. Build cultural awareness through self-reflection of our collective experiences and identities (race, ethnicity, socio-economic, gender, sexual orientation, language).

Building a Learning Partnership. Learn strategies for building personal connections with all students to support deeper learning.

Formative Assessments. Explore the connection between strong learning partnerships and effective use of formative assessments to close learning gaps.

Seeing the Invisible: Systemic Oppression, Cultural Synchronicity, and Cultural Competence. Understand the connection between systemic oppression and the lack of cultural synchronicity in many classrooms.

For more information, contact me at or visit

Parent of three brilliant children in Flossmoor, IL

Way Long Overdue!

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Great article! Thank you for the specific pointers that you give for practitioners. I think that these recommendations are also appropriate for parents and other non-teachers alike. The entire community needs to be engaged in these matters if outcomes are to be improved for the long-term. With such a heightened sensitivity about discussions pertaining to race, race has become the obvious thing to ignore, especially as it relates to the education of our children. However, this will only leave children and teachers more disconnected. Similar to running a business, we must understand our consumer (our students), their demographics, and create and tailor strategies that result in best-class education. Thank you Dr. Lee!

High School Teacher/Dean NYC

Thank you Dr. Lee for your

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Thank you Dr. Lee for your insightful observations. A self-check is ALWAYS a good idea to make certain we are truly acting in the child's best interest. I will share your column with those I work with and look forward to reading more! Your organization (HEAF) sounds amazing and I will you all the best. This is the third article I have read that speaks to how far will still need to go and in light of Monday's holiday we much reflect on our own biases and limitations.

I help educators to become better educators through personal coaching.

Self-Awareness IS the Key

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A humans we are often unaware of our behavior as we go about our daily lives. As a self check, you hit the nail on the head when you suggested asking yourself the tough questions. While those you list (in #5) are on point, another tough question to ask is 'Why do I do what I do?' and 'Because its just me' is not an appropriate answer. Ask this question to allow yourself to really dig down to the root cause of a particular behavior.

Executive Director Curriculum & Instruction

Just this week this the topic

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Just this week the topic of racism was discussed in a meeting as a problem to address to closing the achievement gap within our district. The suggestions in this article will be shared with my teammates. I also want us to survey the students to get a truer picture of what they see and feel is occuring to them in the classroom. Too often harsher punishments are administered to African Americans and as the article states with integration have things really changed. Equality? Achievement scores are showing that something is missing, RELATIONSHIPS.

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