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Please check out this article

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Please check out this article with some important information regarding the lasting affects of bullying from childhood into adulthood. It has some valuable resources for those who are dealing with bullying or have dealt with this in the past.

co-founder I am Bullyproof Music

For years I served as

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For years I served as ringleader to a colorful crew of songbird teens. Long story short; we ended up with pockets full of tunes packed with deep life insights the kids recorded themselves in a shack with my help. After years of "thank you for that song which saved my life!"s, we ended up creating an entire classroom program. I'm trying not to write this as a plug, honestly. But when you ask--what do you use? Hard not to answer that without sharing what we use!.. which is a formula we just happened to stumble upon since I could pen a tune in a sneeze, and we were surrounded by singing teens with issues! (otherwise known as teenagers).
Love that you suggested about being fluid with materials. SO true!
PS I feel a song coming on called Upstander :-) We already have one called the Nonconformist.
Let's change the world!

Teacher at Kiama High School In NSW Australia

I hadn't come across Free

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I hadn't come across Free Spirit Publishing before, so thanks for that link. If I'd known they existed I might have contacted them about my YA novel 'You Can't Shatter Me'. Too late now though because the book is already out. Reason I'm mentioning it is because it is a resource for teachers to use in the classroom. High schools here in Australia are planning to use it in the English department to stimulate discussion on bullying as well as teaching metaphor and allegory. What's different about this novel is that it actually portrays self-empowering and inspiring solutions for bullying, for the bully, the victim and bystanders.
There are also images available that teachers can use to help raise awareness of the issues around bullying They can be viewed here

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