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Founder and Chief of Innovation, Envision Education, Oakland CA

Right on

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Hi Mark,

This post hits the mark. Here is a refection from a teacher in residence at Slide Ranch in West Marin County:

"Just a couple of weeks ago I experienced one of the most inspirational moments I’ve ever had during my time as an environmental educator with a group of high school students from Envision Academy in Oakland. Having grown up in an urban area beset by violence and poverty, many of these students had never been on a hike, and some had never even seen the ocean. The students were in an AP Environmental Science class and I was extremely impressed as they shared their knowledge of organic farming while we discussed practices such as crop rotation, double digging, and integrated pest management. However, the most rewarding part of the day came when each group participated in a silent hike and “sit spot.” As we hiked down the trail to the beach I looked back and saw each of my students walking quietly, staring in reverence at the ocean; I smiled to myself, feeling blessed to be able to share this experience with them. We arrived at Little Bear Beach and I told everyone to spread out, pick their own spot, and just reflect. After twenty minutes we reconvened to talk about our experiences. One student raised his hand and said, “Looking out at the ocean I realized there’s a whole world outside of Oakland. I have so much to see and learn. I just need to follow my dreams.” My heart was instantly filled with warmth and happiness as I appreciated the beauty of the work I get to do at Slide Ranch. I smiled knowing the future would be a little bit brighter."

Xochi "Songbird", Teacher-In-Residence

Thank you!

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Great post - I wholeheartedly agree and am hopeful that the tide is turning in the efforts to get more people outdoors!

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