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The one thing I would like to

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The one thing I would like to add is that while this is a good idea, when choosing to allow students to use cell phones in school, the powers that be need to make sure that the school has the infrastructure. My school recently went from an outright ban to outright allowing phone usage (although within the classroom is at the teacher's discretion).

The problem is that the school did not add to or upgrade the building's wifi so when 800 students now log on to the wifi, especially during the lunch periods, those of us who need to use it for actual educational purposes find that it runs slow or has completely crashed. In fact, we have had to shut down student access to the wifi during standardized testing so that there are no errors in transmitting tests.

Bottom line: do the proper due diligence before changing your policies and you'll have less of a headache.

Anytime a school bans

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Anytime a school bans something students will figure out how to get around it. Perhaps we should promote more silly rules to challenge the students to think and problem solve :) - Thanks for the story and advice. I will be sharing it with my readers at Keep up the excellent work.

Fascinating that students

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Fascinating that students can't learn about technology at all through home or the media is the assumption. As if kids not using smartphones during classes actually inhibits their development? I can tell you it won't. Good teaching is going by the wayside if there isn't an "app" for it!

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