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Second Grader Teacher

Hi, Virginia. You have my

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Hi, Virginia. You have my attention! How do you make ADD/ADHD go away with no medication? I do not believe in medicating children, but it is very difficult to teach children who cannot focus. Please tell me how you do this!

Director of the Virginia Beach School of the Arts

Greeting Laura, Thank you for

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Greeting Laura, Thank you for your article. Yes, we definitely do need to get to know our neighbors and become our brother's keeper. I couldn't agree with you more. May I offer further insight... Emotional and social learning can ONLY happen if the limbic system in the mid brain is developed. That is where we form lasting relationships. People, including students of all ages, are incapable of making that heart connection and friendships with others if their brains are not wired to do so. It is biologically impossible. Two examples: Children and adults with ADD/ADHD have difficulties in moving on, forgiving & forgetting, etc as their circuitry in their emotional centers of their brains - their mid brains- is not completely "connected". Watch the kids in your classroom with ADD/ADHD and notice their superficial at best relationships with others. The is in direct correlation with 75% of the incarcerated population in the US having ADD/ADHD. May I propose that we need to change people's brains in order to change the person? It is chemically, electrically and biologically impossible to make changes in a human without changing their brain. After we have changed the person's brain, they will think and relate differently to their fellow man, violence will be reduced and true life long friendships will be created. In my 26 years of teaching, research, studies, lectures and application, I have learned how to make ADD/ADDH go away all without medication. There is a commonality between ALL children and adults with ADD/ADHD and it concerns their movements in the first 12 months of life. Schools need to have their teachers and administrators educated about this so they can REALLY make the difference you are writing about by implementing programs to connect the brains of the students. It is not hard to change the brain, connect the mid brain/emotional centers and get the WHOLE person organized neurologically, you just have to know how to do it. Once that's done, people will naturally care for one another and real change will occur. I see it every day. I wish you all the best and thanks again for such a great article!

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