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Future Educator, Ventura County, California

I don't really know what I'd

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I don't really know what I'd think if I were a student in this class. However, as a future teacher, the video and tips were very helpful in how to maintain classroom management.

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Absolutely *love* this

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Absolutely *love* this line:

"In my mind, the first and most basic obligation of a teacher is to see the beauty that exists within every student. Every child is infinitely precious. Period."

Almost want to make a poster out of it!

Clinical Supervisor of Student Teachers, Retired MS Science Teacher

Thank you, Tyler! I've

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Thank you, Tyler! I've recently watched all 3 videos (...Day 1, Day 2, Day 3) and loved what I saw and heard. I've offered them to my current student teachers as excellent examples of effective classroom management, especially for establishing procedures and setting up a positive learning environment at the beginning of the school year. All seven points described above are well taken...

Hello, these are pretty good

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Hello, these are pretty good methods to do a well job as a teacher. Because I have met a few teachers in my work as an online coach on your24hcoach, who were destabilized by their class probably because they had forgot one of these rules.
I helped them to regain control and it started by themselves! As you said in the 5th rule, teachers have to build a specific reltionship when they meet their class.
Trust yourself, share with students and go ahead, that is the point!
Thankyou for your article!

Education writer

I 100% agree with points 1

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I 100% agree with points 1 and 5. The teachers I remember most and the ones I consider successful now are the ones who are vulnerable to their students. Earning respect by treating students as human beings, opening up to them on a human level, is so obvious yet so difficult. Loved watching your video!

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Great thoughts, Tyler! I love

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Great thoughts, Tyler! I love your emphasis on being both encouraging and firm. Both are key - and they need to go together for us to be successful.
#4 is also super important - I didn't do this my first year, and it created a nightmare. I try to warn every first year teacher I can about that....
I share my experience here:

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