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My student teaching

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My student teaching experience was completed at a STEM school. Here, all the students, girls and boys, find the joy of science and mathematics. It is very interesting to see how my students comment and assess things differently than peers in other schools in the same district. The girls are exploring and questioning. They enjoy going outside and examining the world around them. They have learned and now commonly use the scientific method when they come across something they do not know. I think that introducing these students, especially the females, to this different way of thinking will really set them apart from their peers and allow them to go far in life.

High School Calculus/Engineering teacher; part-time software developer

All-girl HS classes

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I recently encountered an interesting approach to this problem - creating "all girl" sections of engineering courses:

The results seem to be incredibly promising (and more importantly - replicable). Our school is currently exploring implementing this "all-girls" section approach for next year (assuming we get enough to sign up). I'd be interested to know if others are taking this approach...

Educational Consultant/Author, Southern California

All Kids are Scientists

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Encouraging girls to explore the sciences using encouragement and equity will yield many more Madam Curies and Mae Jemisons. A positive word from Teacher always helps, too.

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