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Keith - Thanks so much for

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Keith - Thanks so much for this list, I'll be printing it off and checking out the sites for a while to come! I hope next year you'll consider adding my site,, to the list!

Wow, those are some great

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Wow, those are some great ideas!
I've also found learning how to play the piano to be a great summer activity for kids. is a great place to start.

Hello Keith & Dave, Thank you

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Hello Keith & Dave,
Thank you for sharing these cool summer sites for kids! I second the recommendation for (free literacy tool) and the BoomWriter Storytellers Camp at

Our family just found a

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Our family just found a wonderful app. called dragonbox at it teaches basic algebra concepts in a fun and easy way. We have had our kiddos ages 8, 10 & 13 play it. they all love it and will get on to play it with out being asked to. It is not free but at around five dollars, it is well worth the $$. We are telling everyone we can.

3rd grade reading teacher

Thank you Keith for a

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Thank you Keith for a substantial list of sites to use with my students. I have been looking for resources so I can use more technology in my class. Students are so motivated when I use technology, but it takes time to look for quality sites. I look forward to following your blog.

K-5th grade music teacher from Saint Petersburg, Florida

Hello Keith, Thank you

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Hello Keith,
Thank you for the cool summer sites for kids! Here is one I like,
Every time you get a correct word a grain of rice is collected, bagged, and sent to people in need.
Thanks again,

Reading Specialist from Hellertown, PA

Here's another one to add to the list-- Cubert's Cube

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Thank you for sharing this list of sites! I'm looking forward to exploring them.

I wanted to let you know about yet another very cool and educational site which could be added on to your list. It is (Cubert's Cube). It is geared for not only the Elementary school classroom, but also for use at home. My kids have been on it this summer and have enjoyed it. It certainly is a great activity for them during those rainy days that we cannot hit the pool.

Cubert's Cube is a secure website which truly promotes writing and in a creative and enjoyable way. It uses Wikis, but unlike other sites which make use of Wikis, it takes it a step further. The interface is very kid-friendly, colorful, and includes a gallery, where students can draw or upload a picture to enhance their storytelling, and story starters which are both thought provoking and inspirational.

As a Professor of Reading, I believe it is wonderful to have students write as much as they can. Writing only helps their reading skills, just as reading only helps their writing skills. Cubert's Cube is a terrific Language Arts activity for the Elementary classroom

Of course. It isn't always easy to come up with a topic to write about. With Cubert's Cube your students will not have writer's block for long, however, since the site includes teacher resources, a library to post books, and great story starters. For you teachers out there, it will speed up your lesson planning time. You won't have to think up as many story starters for your class; there are so many good ones right on Cubert's Cube.

The students can pick out very fun avatars to personalize their accounts, but the teacher or parent is in total control. You can set your account at the privacy level you need to protect your school or home.

Another terrific feature of Cubert's Cube is the fact that students are able to work together and message each other while they are working. If you are a parent, consider having your family and friends write together with your child to create a story or a poem. It is a blast, and makes writing an exciting game.

Even though summer is half over, there is still time to sit back and see how much fun writing can be for the children in your life, and there is no better way to save those memories of your summer vacation than by writing them down!

Author of parenting book and former kindergarten & Head Start teacher

Best list of educational fun resource websites ever!`

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Bring on the summer...with these sites, there will never be a dull moment! Thank you so very much...I will definitely share this site with anyone who is involved with the care and education of children. You put quite a lot of time and effort into this are to be commended, Keith!

Self contained special education K-2

love this list of websites! I

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love this list of websites! I work with special ed K-2 and hard to find a variation of websites that they don't get bored with. This helps alot!
Thanks, gonna share these with other teachers.

Technology Integration Specialist


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Keith, this is a great post and a excellent list. I do quite a few lists on my own and some free lance writing for Technology & Learning and have my own award nominated blog here... I was wondering if you were of an excellent new Ed Tech site for Reading/Writing... It is definitely worth a look and has of new things to come for this upcoming school year.


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