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2.5-5 year old teacher from St. Louis Mo


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I am new to this and my class is new to structured learning they are 2.5- 5 years old.We are located near the Missouri Botanical Garden and the children are very interested in nature in general and insects in particular. I am seeking suggestions concerning how to begin PBL in my class any input would be appreciated.

Founder of Autism Expressed

This is where my mission started...

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It was during my undergrad while studying streaming media (before there was youtube) that I became engrossed by the idea of media literacy as an integral part of education. I had no idea then the path it would lead me to. Now I am the Founder of Autism Expressed [], an online learning platform that teaches adolescents with Autism to use digital and social media to pursue their transition to independence.

We are now running a small fundraising campaign and would love support from the Edutopia community. Check it out and spread the word! Thank you!!!!

Autism Expressed

6th Grade Teacher

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Great article! I think that one of the most important aspects of 21st Century Skills is to realize that the profile of students is changing more rapidly than ever before. No longer do we need to wait for generations to pass; today's student is radically different from those of even five years ago and his expectations of the educational system presents new challenges. Project-based learning brings relevance to the process and underscores the essential nature of collaboration and analysis from a wide variety of perspectives focused on a common objective. My hope is that educators can recognize that the landscape is changing continually, and that we possess the vision to impact the future instead of being intimidated by it.

Journalist and PBL advocate

Great Modeling

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Hi Grant,
I appreciate your optimism! The scenario you describe has lot of positive factors: a teacher motivated to make a change, support from a knowledgeable mentor (you), opportunity for collaboration, a willingness to get started with do-able steps, and then, of course, attention to results.
Thanks for sharing.

Chief Operating Officer, Francis Parker School, San Diego

Suzie, I only disagree with

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I only disagree with one thing in this blog: I don't think it is all that hard!

Last year one of our 4th grade teachers asked me to come in to her class and see if we could introduce a PBL-orientation to their study of California history. She had read my book, The Falconer, and wanted to see if we really could integrate higher level 21C skills at such a young age. It took us all of about an hour to spec out a set of group project activities; your bullet point list in this blog were all included. The students spent less time, learned more, and were able to clearly articulate what they had learned. I just don't think it is all that hard if teachers are given a glimpse of what it looks like, and some activities that enhance the skill set.

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