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Kindergarten and Elementary school teacher in Taipei, Taiwan

Great article! Google Reader

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Great article!

Google Reader will be discontinued/unplugged as of July 1, 2013.
Here is a link to 10 alternatives where you can subscribe to RSS feeds or readers:
Feedly seems to be the most popular amongst my friends and fellow educators.

Head of Early Childhood & Lower School

Less is More!

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Thank you for reminding me that learning how to use a few tools very well is more beneficial than trying everything at once and never really reaping any benefits. Looking forward to being more focused in my own learning.

Ph.D. Student in Education (Teaching & Learning)

Essential Read for Administrators

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Great post George! I recently shared links and resources to help administrators get connected over summer on my blog: and your article is an excellent example for why administrators should build PLNs. I believe all educators and administrators need to be lifelong learners if they want to truly make a difference in education. I had the same hesitancy with Twitter and thought it was a fad that would go away, but know I use it for resources, ideas, conversations, and feedback. Here's another great post about PLNs:

Host and Co-Creator of Virtual Science University

Awesome Advice

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This is awesome advice from George Couros! I've been learning and connecting with Twitter for the last two years and it is amazing what you can learn and share. Like George, I told everyone two years ago that I was going to stay away from Twitter. I discovered that in my Virtual Education Business, I HAD to use Twitter. I've also discovered that I have much to share through the power of a PLN and my blogs at Virtual Science University and my twitter site Science Educators can also find my science education songs and instrumentals at Twitter has connected all of these three accounts and it is absolutely awesome! I've gotten responses from people all over the world and I am also learning what works in the 21st Century Science Classroom! I am trying to level the playing field for those students that come from Special Subgroup Populations. For more information on this topic check out my blog that has a complete copy of the article we recently shared here on eduTopia and in our website blogs entitled " Reaching Special Subgroup Populations Through Differentiated Methods" All The Best! Have An Awesome Summer!

Director of Technology at Minot Public Schools, ND

Getting educators to see the value in Twitter

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Enjoyed your article and plan to share it with teachers and administrators.

However I use a different approach to get teachers and administrators using Twitter. I have them explore Twitter before they get an account, searching for hashtags that I provide them. More info here -

Craig Nansen - @cnansen

Great advice!

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Hey George...great to see you on of my favorite reads.
I have shared your post with many people because I believe it is an extremely well written and succinct description of how to get involved in sharing learning through the power of a PLN. You were definitely instrumental in getting me involved with learning using social media.
All the best for a great summer!

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