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Becky - this is an

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Becky - this is an interesting one. I had a conversation with Steven Anderson about VSTE about what is called if you're making videos to teach and reinforce but they watch them IN class -- that is really what I prefer. Flipping has a place for many, but for me, I see the videos as more personalized instruction when something HAS to be taught point and click. Standing at the front pointing and clicking is pointless to me because everyone works at a different pace. I would look at Jon Bergman's articles here on Edutopia - he's sort of the expert and has done some cool things - so has Todd Nesloney and many others.

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This is a great list

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This is a great list Vicki!

I've never seen a flipped classroom in action, but I am very curious to see and hear about the successes and drawbacks. Would love to hear from anyone who is using this model, and hear what they think!

Vicki, I love your list of

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I love your list of apps that are for holistic, real world lessons!

One that I would also recommend for foreign language learning (or ESL) is Readlang. It is an eReader that allows students to place any online content (even entire, non-DRM ebooks!) in their cloud and get a translation of words that are difficult. Every word the student needed to look up as they were reading is stored in a library for later study. The program creates electric flashcards (much like Anki) and quizzes the student on the meaning of the words (even showing the context sentence) on a spaced repetition formula until the word is learned. This is great for reading for foreign language learning, allowing for easy vocabulary follow-up work.

There are more features. Here is my blog post with a link:

and a Pinterest pin:

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