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Parent; Lead Advocate at Rochester SAGE

I would also ask the flip

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I would also ask the flip side to #2: "How will you respond if or when my child excels beyond grade level in class?"

A child who is ahead of grade level in one or more subjects needs changes to the curriculum and instruction. It is not fair to that child if much of the year is review as they are there to learn, not just to get a good grade. It also robs them of their opportunity to struggle, which teaches positive habits and skills in working hard, overcoming obstacles, and responding to failure.

Director, Antioch Center for School Renewal

This is a *very*

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This is a *very* comprehensive list! As a mom, I certainly want to know the answers, but as an educator I'd wonder about how to go about asking them in the context of a typically brief parent/ teacher meeting. I think I'd be more likely to look for evidence of the answers in my kids' homework, in the things that they talk about when the come home, and the things I observe when I'm in the building (I'm lucky in that both of my kids' schools are fairly open and welcoming to parents). I'm often surprised about how much I can learn by just keeping my eyes open.

To this list, though, I'd add one question: "What do you need?" I'm amazed at how often teachers need things like supplies and assistance with managing book orders along with other clerical tasks that I can easily take on. By making sure that they know I'm willing to be part of the team, I build relationships that open the door for asking these kinds of questions.

Excellent post Terry- lots of stuff to think about here!

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