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John! What a great comment! I

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What a great comment! I love your passion for sharing how these women have touched your life and supported you to be a better educator.
Bravo my friend!

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Hey Lisa -- my PLN is about

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Hey Lisa -- my PLN is about 50/50 women and men, and I'm being overly generous to the guys. :) Here are five out of dozens of brilliant women educators that help me understand teaching and learning much more deeply.

RENEE MOORE - A Milken winner and former Mississippi teacher of the year, Carnegie Scholar, NBCT and NBPTS board member, important blogger, national treasure.

SHERYL NUSSBAUM-BEACH - Book author, CEO, national thought leader on connected professional learning, champion of women's voices in edtech circles.

NANCY FLANAGAN - Music teacher, former Michigan TOY, NBCT and NBPTS Fellow, major teacher voice on national ed policy via Teacher in a Strange Land. And a powerful writer, to boot:

DONALYN MILLER - The Book Whisperer, YA and Kid Lit guru, book author, Twitter goddess, Ed Week blogger:

HEATHER WOLPERT-GAWRON - Your fellow Edutopia blogger, 8th grade teacher on the front lines, the TweenTeacher, author of a fine book for Middle School teachers (esp. newbies!) and a woman whimsical enough to name her new son "Samwise."

Thanks for smartening me up, ladies.

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I have to agree with Mikael Engström's comments above. I can only add one thing, they also tweet as:
amyb herbm @historyteacherz

From here they occasionally post links to some very useful resources.

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So great to see two men sharing the impact that women have brought to their lives. Thanks so much, guys!

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Great List - I have one to add...

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One educator that just has to be added to this list is one that inspires me everyday and that is my wife, Jennifer Faulkner (@learninghood on Twitter). Jen has transformed her teaching style over the past few years from teacher-centred to 100% student-centred. She provides differentiated and blended environments and provides all students with opportunities to explore materials in new, unique, and innovative ways that meet their indivudal learning styles and academic needs. She is a passionate educator that holds students first over all else and strives to provide the best possible experiences for them that she can. Her learning community, "The Learninghood" ( provides students with a social learning network within which they can grow and reflect upon their learning as individuals and as a group - thus supporting the learning of all. This learning, so supportive of all three-parts of the assessment continuum (as, of, and for learning) is open and accessible to parents - thus making learning transparent and visible to all. Currently, Jen is spreading her passion to other educators as the Blended Learning / eLearning Contact (eLC) for the Grand Erie District School Board (GEDSB). Her belief is that all students can be engaged by letting them drive their own learning experience.

Thank you for this list of rockin' teachers!

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For many students the privilege of a great teacher in school can make a big difference in their life.
Here is a teacher extraordinaire from Hawaii you may want to add to your list:

Mrs. Amy Burvall (and her creative partner Mr. Herb Mahelona) have created more than fifty fantastic music videos based on well known songs (mostly from the 80's), but with new and brilliant lyrics related to historical events.
All this has been done on their free time on a "zero budget", originally to inspire and motivate their own students to study history, but now they are inspiring and motivating people all over the world.
Apart form creating "music for education" they are also involved in many other educational projects.

In November 2011 they held a very inspirational TEDx talk in Honolulu:

Here are their music videos on YouTube:

Here are some other links:

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