Comprehensive Assessment

Assessment for Understanding
Effective assessment should measure the full range of student ability -- social, emotional, and academic achievement. Through various measures, including portfolios, presentations, and tests, multiple learning styles are supported. Watch an introduction video.
Comprehensive Assessment: A Short History
Comprehensive assessment embraces the whole system of assessing student understanding as a mechanism to improve teaching and learning. Learn more.
What the Experts Say
Educators and researchers share their views on why authentic assessment is a critical piece of the learning process. See what the experts say.
How Should We Measure Student Learning?
Standardized tests aren't the only way of gauging student achievement. Throughout the country, educators are using performance assessments to measure what students know and can do. See how.
Research: Integrating Assessment into Classroom Practice
Assessment is the single most effective instructional strategy to increase learning. Learn about the key comprehensive assessment practices that have been shown by research to promote learning. Dig deeper.

Explore Examples That Work

Find profiles and research on K-12 schools, districts, and programs to learn how to check for student understanding. See the Big List.
Through constant investment in the assessment process, both students and teachers strive for true learning at School of the Future, a 6-12 school in Manhattan.
See step-by-step how this Arizona elementary school gives its students the additional time they need to master core concepts and elevate their learning to the next level.
Tests don't just measure absorption of facts. They teach what we value.
Katherine Piper offers three standards of assessment for individual student participation in PBL teams.
Performance assessments go beyond traditional tests and serve as an important teaching tool.
A former teacher stands by her assignments.
If enough educators -- and noneducators -- realize there are serious flaws in how we evaluate our schools, maybe we can stop this absurdity.

Foundations and Organizations

  • The K-12 Center at ETS: Developing Assessments for the Common Core State Standards
  • CRESST: The National Center for Research on Evaluation, Standards, and Student Testing
  • SCOPE: Stanford Center for Opportunity Policy in Education's Assessment Topic Page
  • FairTest: The National Center for Fair and Open Testing's Assessment Reform Network
  • Authentic Education: Consulting and Resources from Assessment Expert Grant Wiggins